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Display the percentage of dialog steps ran under 1 second for the two peak business hours
Display the objects and their original systems in released repairs
Display the redundant authorizations of a user
Copy the users password from one client to all the other clients
Parallel monitoring of the most important parameters of many SAP systems
Reset an access key of a modified object
The server remote function module for the C program f module
Agamemnonsystem A sends an ABAP to his Trojan horsesystem B using CPIC and gets the result
The Trojan horse server program of Agamemnon
Popup window to browse and find files on the presentation server
Get the next number of a certain number range object
WEB based company help started from the sapgui help menu
Reset the passwords of all users of a specific client to the same default password
Display picture and text stored in SAP using OLE2
Delay n seconds report
Limit the number of login sessions the user can have in a given client
Create SAP users with profiles addresses defaults and parameters BDC program
Record the user login logout data in the application log report
Switch the editor lock flag of an ABAP report
Write an entry to the system log
Stress test program multiplication of the internal business transaction part sapgui record function report
Display and change the binary file created by the sapgui record function
List yesterdays system log entries report
Send an email from SAP to a specific user to all users of a client or to all users of a system report
Change an original system status of an SAP object program
Lock unlock users display login status last login time interactive report
Complete SAP UNIX ORACLE documentation report
Schedule the different SAP reorg ABAPs in a certain client report
Automatic nightly client copy triggering report
Ftp between mainframe and UNIX report UNIX script
Customized login screen list of possible clients comments other messages transaction
Parallel execution of a given transaction in many systems from 1 calling system
Collect data about the active SAP users program
Start WORD pass data change it there after exiting get the changed data
Display the version of the user's sapgui who runs the frontend software - report
Sapgui progress indicator report